Proud of Pride edition

Thanks for the Pride gift

I just wanted to tell you — though you have probably already heard the same from a thousand others — that I think your “Dallas Pride Special Edition” and “Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade” supplement were and are terrific. Graphics, layout, copy — all the finest.

What a gift to our community the Dallas Voice is. All of you deserve thanks from all the rest of us.

Phyllis Guest


DADT suit should be front page

On the heels of the most significant legal victory for LGBT rights brought on by the Log Cabin Republicans, I would have expected more from Dallas Voice than just an online story on Voice website on Thursday, Sept. 16. I was prepared to see a significant printed story in the Sept. 17 issue of Dallas Voice.

Important stories deserve to be in the print edition, and most of my board and personal friends were expecting a headline about the victory this week.

Instead of a major column in the “Pride Edition,”, all you found fit to publish was “Whorin Cornyn!” (Instant Tea column, Dallas Voice, Sept. 17).

Are you kidding? This is nothing short of an outrage!

You are certainly showing your own bias against Republicans. If Stonewall Democrats or HRC had filed and won the same case, there isn’t any doubt  this would have been front page news!

Members of our local board of directors are concerned about the stereotypes Dallas Voice continues to put forward about Republicans and would like to meet with the editorial staff to discuss this and other issues.

Without more balanced reporting, you will soon turn the Dallas Voice from the “Premier Media Source” into just another sensational tabloid that serves as an extension of the Democrat Party.

You can do better, and I expect more from you! Other gay media, including those not always friendly to Log Cabin Republicans, fortunately have given this story wide coverage along with national news organizations in print, web and television. Dallas Voice should have been amongst these news outlets.

Rob Schlein, chapter president
Log Cabin Republicans Dallas


Don’t just look to others

On “Man robbed at gunpoint just 1 block from strip” (Instant Tea, Sept. 14):

“What are the bars going to do?”

“It is the responsibility of the police to handle crime on the streets.”

“Where are the increased patrols? I sure don’t see them and I live in the gayborhood.”

“Maybe the clubs should do a gun check like they do for coat checks.”

“I believe we should all make a petition in helping more added on security to the bar scenes.”

“Gather up a citizens patrol group.”

“Why can’t there be security cameras pointed in that direction, along with bright lights?”

“Why doesn’t someone come up with a plan, and invest in a parking garage?”

Instead of telling us what someone else should do for you, making personal contributions toward a solution is more productive.  Like several commenters have said, we are responsible for ourselves. It’s up to you and me to get these things done and not complain that someone else should be doing something for us.



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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 24, 2010.