Glad to hear Malin’s qualified
So Tom Malin was a prostitute in a prior life. Is that not the perfect prerequisite for politics?

I nominate him for governor.

B.W. Jaster

Glad dispute is solved
I am very pleased that the recent misunderstanding between the Dallas Tavern Guild and Stonewall Democrats has been resolved amicably.

Having participated in the Pride parade for several years now, I can assure everyone that Stonewall Democrats takes its participation in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade very seriously, and we work very hard to follow the rules as outlined by the Guild and the city.

The allegations of drinking raised by Steve Davis were simply preposterous.
I can assure Mr. Davis that the only thing our members were drinking that day was ice cold water.

We simply take our participation in the parade far too seriously to do otherwise.

Jay Narey, director
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas

Does Dallas deserve HIV fund increase?
President Bush’s cut in HIV research is certainly sad to hear. But I have to say, over the previous year, Dallas’ HIV behavioral research has set a poor example of deserving an increase in funds.

UT Southwestern’s Behavioral Health Survey was found to have falsified data which impacts thousands of gay men living in Dallas County.

This type of corrupt large-scale study affects the HIV infected (including myself) and the progression of HIV and AIDS services in Dallas County.

I support increased funding for HIV prevention, especially in the Hispanic and African American communities.

But it must adhere to the standards of scientific protocol and honesty.

Edgar Garcia

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