Log Cabin treasurer responds to Stonewall

Michael Moon, president of Stonewall made a number of assertions in his letter to the editor published in the July 21 issue of Dallas Voice (“Taking issue with Log Cabin ad”), I would like to address several of them.

First he states, “The Democratic Party supports our right to live as free and equal members of society.” Well, except for some annoying details like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (implemented by Democrats led by Bill Clinton), the Texas anti-sodomy law (passed by Democrats, signed by Ann Richards) or Proposition 2 (supported by majorities of Democrats statewide).

I could give more examples, but the fact is Democratic politicians support gay rights as long as it doesn’t seriously threaten their re-election chances. If you don’t believe me, make a list of Democratic presidential hopefuls who support gay marriage rights. It is exactly as long as the Republican version and certainly doesn’t include Clinton, Gore or Kerry.

Secondly, Moon boasts that Stonewall is active in the Democratic Party at the local, state and national levels. That’s great except that Democrats are out of power at all levels, so their practical ability to get things done is limited to say the least.

The same goes for the Human Rights Campaign, which sucks up boatloads of cash from the community but has zero influence with those who currently pass laws and govern because they essentially support only Democrats.

Until the community stops putting so many of its eggs in one basket, we will continue to be taken advantage of by Democratic politicians who take us for granted and ignored by most Republicans who are seldom if ever rewarded by the community when they do the right thing.

Log Cabin exists to give the community a voice in the Republican Party. Attacking us may make some feel better, but it only makes our common goal of fairness and equality harder to reach.

Finally, he asserts that Republicans want a “police state” and to “destroy the rights and civil liberties” of citizens. I know Michael and think he’s a good guy, but statements of this sort are just plain silly.

Brian Welker

Treasurer, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas

Democrats, Republicans must work together

I must take issue with the letter from Michael Moon in the July 21 issue of Dallas Voice. It seems to me that at a time when both Stonewall Democrats and Log Cabin Republicans must work together for change within their respective parties, Moon’s letter was an unnecessary swipe at Log Cabin Republicans.

While the Democratic Party talks about supporting gay rights, actions speak louder than words. I would like to remind Mr. Moon that it was a Democratic president Bill Clinton who signed into law in 1996 the federal “Defense of Marriage Act.”

Since neither party can take the moral high ground on GLBT issues, we must work together for our rights instead of fighting one another.

Wesley Stine


Dobson has really lost it now

According to an article posted July 20 on the Rocky Mountain News Web site, Focus on the Family on July 18 unveiled its Web site www.no-moo-lies.com which features a barking Bassett hound named Sherman and trumpeting the slogan, “”Dogs aren’t born mooing, and people aren’t born gay.”

Hmmm. More and more scientific evicence is pointing towards genetics and sexual orientation being strongly linked. But “religious preference” is most definitely a choice.

James Dobson and other fanatical religious zealots have chosen to be hurtful by focusing their families on hate. Since Dobson and others of his ilk weren’t born mooing, one wonders if they are suggesting the passage of a constitutional amendment having “religious preference” removed as a protected class in our nation’s Bill of Rights?

Rather than focusing on whether or not a dog moos like a cow, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for Mr. Dobson to look in the mirror and concern himself with the end of the cow that doesn’t moo?

John R. Selig


Keep government out of matrimony

The First Amendment establishes that our government shall “make no law respecting the establishment of religion.” Thus, as with all religious rituals and sacraments, government should stay out of the holy matrimony business and leave its celebration to religious organizations.

Further, government should enforce the constitutional provision that restricts state law from impairing obligations of contract that establish relationships between consenting adults. In ensuring this guarantee, government can establish laws of civil union that protect citizenss rights to form such relationships.

If gays and lesbians, or others, desire to extend their civil union into sacramental marriage, they can find a body of faith that is willing to sanctify their contractual relationship. If they cannot locate one, their freedom of religion entitles them to start a denomination of their very own.

Sam Osborne

West Branch, Iowa

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, July 28, 2006. rpg mobile onlineанализ плотности ключевых слов