Mary’s still here

I saw the online article on UNT making the top 100 colleges for LGBT students, and there was one problem with it. Mary Finely, who is one of the two people who our LGBT scholarship is named after, is very much alive. The article refers to her as “the late Mary Finley and Don Emenheiser.” Dan did die earlier this summmer, but Mary is still with us.

Rafael McDonnell

Associate Director, News and Information

University of North Texas

Team Dallas assures privacy

The Dallas couple referenced in Kevin Boyer’s letter and Mr. Kusner’s article “Good Games” (Dallas Voice, July 28) are not members of Team Dallas. Some of our members met them for the first time in Chicago. As a result, their names and contact information could not have been included in the information provided by Team Dallas to Mr. Kusner. Since they are not yet members, Team Dallas does not have their information on file.

Team Dallas has a privacy policy in place to ensure that information on our members is only released with the permission of that member.

Alan Dudley

President, Team Dallas

Editor’s note: The Dallas couple referenced in the above letter came to Mr. Kusner’s attention when they contacted Dallas Voice on July 24 after returning from the Gay Games. The couple spoke to Dallas Voice on the record, and they were given aliases to protect their identity. While the Gay Games Web site reported the couple’s full names, hometowns and gold-medal win, neither the Dallas Voice article nor the Gay Games Web site indicate that the couple were Team Dallas-registered athletes.

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