Dallas needs image overhaul

I enjoyed reading David Webb’s article “Dallas’ gay-friendliness remains a secret to many” (Dallas Voice, Sept. 1), and couldn’t agree with him more.

My partner and I have traveled extensively, and we have discovered that people are shocked when we tell them we live in Dallas, Texas. They can’t believe that two gay men can live together and survive here without getting beaten up and killed. They think of Dallas as being in the middle of the Bible Belt, with a plethora of gay-hating arch-conservatives.

It has also been our experience that when we tell other gays and lesbians about Dallas, they immediately comment on how snooty Dallas is with it’s “Dalitude.” One gentleman in a Tucson bar turned up his nose and mocked, “Eeeww! Dallas! Stuck up!”

David Webb is right. We do have an image problem and we need to work on it to attract others to our great city.

Ronald Mart


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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, September 8, 2006. hackagent.ruкарта для проверки текстур minecraft