Thanks for the correction

I am so glad you clarified your mistake regarding the Oak Lawn Triangle Project (“Curse of Friday the 13th,” Dallas Voice, Sept. 13). I am from out of town I live in Houston and went to look at the monument on Oct. 9 while in Dallas and thought something was really wrong with it. Of course there was they were not finished with it!

Herbert H. Daniel


Taking responsibility

The prevailing attitude in this country seems to be about avoiding responsibility:

“I didn’t do it.” “It’s not my fault.” “You are wrong and I am right.” “I didn’t know.” “I can’t recall.” “We could not have known.”

And voters are the worst: Sept. 11, 2001 Clinton’s fault. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq intelligence agencies’ and Clinton’s fault. Hurricane Katrina also Clinton’s fault.

University tuition has skyrocketed. Gas prices surprise have, too. Health care costs are way up. The environment is a catastrophe. Rwanda and Sudan sit in ruins because of our inaction, and we sit idly by as millions are slaughtered, raped and beaten.

We spend more than the rest of the world combined on killing machines.

That isn’t the America or the Texas that I know.

Most people, both Democrats and Republicans, are good people. But our leaders are something else. We must admit our mistakes and do better. We should spend less on killing and more creating and giving food, water, medicine, shelter, schools, the environment, renewable energies, conservation, insurance, elderly and the poor.

When you give, you receive and you end up with friends not enemies. The truth is, it is our fault.

Charles Dean Bowen


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