Cartoonist responds

After two years of my conservative/Christian lampooning cartoons, most people in sleepy Wylie just yawn. And I’ve done some pretty feisty ones! So, it’s good to know someone’s reacting, even though unfavorably though I always hear from birds-of-my-feather who think my ‘toons are super.

I want Dallas Voice readers and Wylie readers to know that there is no venom in this cartoonist’s heart. I deplore the Idiot-Right and the hateful religionists who bash, name-call and disdain those whose sin they think smells worse than theirs.

But God gave me a sense of humor (you may say misguided), a gift of art, a creative mind and a broken heart. Biggest of all: He gave me His forgiveness, His spirit and Himself in Jesus. He took my sin and yours on that bloody cross and He became sin all sin so whoever would admit, be appalled at and reject their sin would be forgiven and given a new heart of unselfish worship.

Man, if you knew my BC days, you’d wonder how I could ever be free. But He became a monster that I might become a minister. And He gave me a calling to use His gifts to bless and battle for Heaven’s sake. So I try to submit my pen and my wit to Him daily.

I have no second thoughts about the cartoon only second, third and fourth prayers that some good may come of it, some challenge, some freedom, some new fire in some fellow sinners like me. It’s main target was gay marriage, then trippy ministers, then the choices of man-love. OK, the cross-dressing was a cheap jab at the extremes of gaydom.

But I know it’s all no joke. Dallas Voice readers are totally convinced that your sexual preferences are perfectly natural, healthy, fulfilling and even God-given. Making fun of you or your ministers is not the best way to convince you otherwise. God only knows what social, national, historical, personal and eternal consequences weigh in the balance.

But such is cartooning. It’s satire, it’s edgy, it’s prophetic and yes, often, it’s appalling. It’s meant to crack the happy veneer, the sacred, comfy wall of self-righteousness and self -deception that people hide behind without objective observation or confrontation. As you know, editorials, prose and art are designed to jolt people into second thoughts about what they are and what they do. And, in a free world, we can all expect to be ‘toon targets no one’s above scrutiny. Unless you’re a rabid terrorist, in which case you must simply kill the infidel cartoonist. Seen any anti-Christian ‘toons lately? Appalling! But we probably need the needling.

My only wish is that I could sit down with my “adversaries” at lunch, their church or a bar and talk soul-to-soul about our decisions, desires, destinies and differences, instead of just lobbing grenades over the wall in hope of impact.

Because I know they are not my enemies, but my brothers, fellow sinners, weak and wicked human beings I disagree with, who I think are blowing it in some deep ways, and whom God loves just as much me.

Different sin for different men same needs, same Savior.

Lunch may never happen with a real terrorist or famous politician, but maybe it could with some open agnostic, pagan, liberal or gay dude. Maybe we’ll meet someday. I bet we’d both find it enlightening.

If your readers follow my not-so-famous toonage they will see me poking fun at all kinds of issues, even occasional conservative screw-ups. May we all keep an open heart God may be trying to get through.

David Eden


A bad experience at Boothe

I applaud you for “outing” Boothe Eye Care and Lasik Surgery Center “Lasik surgeon refuses to operate on HIV-positive clients,” Dallas Voice, Nov. 3).

A year ago I got similar treatment from them. I had called on the phone to set up a consultation for Lasik surgery. After questioning me for five to 10 minutes, the secretary said everything looked fine and that I should be able to have the surgery based on my vision information. She asked me a whole list of questions, and not even one of them was about having HIV. After she finished the questions, set up an office visit and gave me the date and other information, I revealed that I was HIV-positive, because she didn’t ask and because I wanted to make sure the HIV wouldn’t be a problem.

As soon as I mentioned it, she said I was “not eligible for the surgery.” I explained to her that I was aware of medical complications and have been through three other major surgeries and healed fine. She refused to keep the appointment and said she would be canceling it. She stated that “Boothe does not perform surgeries on anyone who is HIV-positive.”

First off, if they are so adamant about not performing surgery on HIV-positive people, shouldn’t that be their very first question? The feeling I got from them was that they were very HIV-phobic. As soon as I revealed my status, the tone of her voice got cold and very unreceptive to what I had to say.

I would like to know if they perform surgery on someone who has cancer. A cancer patient has almost the same healing time and infection rate as an HIV-positive person. If they do perform surgery on cancer patients, then I see them as being totally HIV-phobic, and there should be a lawsuit filed against them, or at the least, a boycott from the HIV community.

After I got off the phone with them, I felt as if I had gotten the news about being HIV-positive for a second time. The feelings of rejection, anger, and hurt rushed back.

I get the impression that Boothe is simply hiding behind an outdated study on HIV healing after surgery. I have had two major spine surgeries and one carpal tunnel surgery, and actually healed faster than normal. So nobody can tell me that just because I am HIV-positive that I am going to have guaranteed complications in healing.

The studies say that the risks should be discussed with the doctor. The Boothe staff was not even willing to discuss the surgery with me once my status was revealed. It’s very ignorant to be in a modern medical field and to have such ancient practices. The Americans with Disabilities Act should protect us from businesses like this, but we still have a long way to go.

Thank you for writing the article and opening the eyes of potential Lasik patients at Boothe.

Jerry Jones



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