You’ve got to be kidding!

You’ve got to be kidding me. I can not understand why Dallas Voice praises Rosie O’Donnell (“Gay of ’06: Rosie,” Dallas Voice, Dec. 29).

O’Donnell is an embarrassment to all lesbians and gays and even to white people. She is ignorant, opinionated and a big loudmouth.

Donald Trump, Kelly Ripa and the Chinese have every right to be disgusted with her, as are a lot of other people.

M. Malone

Let Hudson enjoy her moment

I am an avid fan of the Dallas Voice and I sincerely appreciate all the work that goes into making this weekly publication the outstanding collection of information for the GLBT community in Dallas and across the nation.

I have often found articles that inspired my very being. I have read about people and their objectives in life, and found myself spurred on to greater levels of security and encouragement. I have personally been affirmed by this award-winning periodical. I sincerely hope it will be available for generations to come.

But I would like to address the questions to and expectations of Jennifer Hudson in your Dec. 6, article (“Dreamgirl says gay is sin).

The music/entertainment industry is a very ruthless business. I hope, in the future, we can allow these young performers who are living their dreams to enjoy the moment and not bombard them with the questions that shed questionable light on their freshman accomplishments.

Jennifer Hudson delivered an amazing performance in “Dreamgirls.” Her performance was not an “African-American expression.” It was the expression of an artist, delivering a performance of a woman who was dealing with a rather difficult dilemma, pregnancy and acceptance.

To say, “Of course, “‘Dreamgirls’ was tailor made for black audiences” is a total mistake. It is a story of American musical history and it was made for public enjoyment. While the cast was predominately African-American, we are one nation. We must cease the trivialization of musical and theatrical expression, and embrace the story as it applies to our own existence, or as a piece of art.

I am African-American, and I have seen this movie multiple times, with largely Caucasian audience members.

I believe as a journalist, Daniel Kusner has the responsibility to report more and editorialize less. Ask tough questions that are informative rather than combative. Art is expression. Expression is to be enjoyed by the masses.

Finally, I must add, to attack Ms. Hudson’s religious affiliation was completely unfair. Direct the attacks concerning religion at those who perpetrate religious bigotry. Allow this young woman and those who like her, are living their fondest dream, to enjoy this moment of success.

Kindness is still the sweetest treat for humanity. There will be time in the future to implicate young artists on their views and their political positions. Remember, this is her first foray on the silver screen. Right now is the time to enjoy the music and to allow these young professionals to revel in their, ever so fleeting, success.

I remain an avid fan and reader of the Dallas Voice, and I sincerely hope reporting returns to “reporting!”

Marvin Matthews
Fort Worth

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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, January 12, 2006. bitcoinlab.ruзаказать оптимизацию сайта