Funding the hate

It’s amusing that Dallas Voice is just now noticing Perry Homes’ connection to right-wing politics. Where were you when Rick Perry was running for office the first time, and again for re-election this past year?

Robert Perry is one of Rick Perry’s largest campaign contributors.

Look at Rick Perry’s donor contributions list. Yeah, the same Rick Perry that said “Texas may not be a very hospitable place for homosexuals.” Snicker, snicker. The same Rick Perry that successfully pushed the Prop. 2 amendment to ban gay marriage in Texas. And yes, the same Perry Homes that is building $300,000-plus condos in Oak Lawn and selling them to homosexuals and metrosexuals and thereby funding hate.

Perry Homes just keeps building and someone keeps buying them. Maybe this is the “right’s” way of running the gay community out of Oak Lawn. Maybe they don’t even need to run us out, but just buy us out and then sell us out?

Alan Pierce

Stop the personal attacks

I am writing in response to the letter published in the Jan. 19 issue of Dallas Voice regarding the story “Homebuilder’s contributions raise concerns,” published in the Jan. 12 issue.

Guys, please. How easy it is to sit at home and draft a letter condemning one of our community’s most devout activists over the fact that, on occasion, she has sold to a client a home whose builder donates to conservative organizations.

I am so dismayed at members of our community who only speak up when it is to degrade another member of our community.

In this case, to question Kathy Hewitt’s conscience and to imply that she “dances with the devil” is one the most disrespectful, self-righteous and completely inappropriate responses I have seen in a long while.

The enemy we should be fighting is ignorance, and our tool should be education.

Kathy Hewitt has given more in volunteer time, talent and money than most members of our community. She has spent years fighting against intolerance, discrimination and bigotry.

Attacking her and attempting to shame her in such a public forum doesn’t positively advance our fight for equality.

Would not your time have been better spent proactively picking up the phone and offering to volunteer with HRC, DGLA, Lambda Legal, Black Tie Dinner, GLSEN or any of the other non-profit charities that are working to educate people about LGBT equality and creating meaningful, long-lasting change for GLBT Americans?

If you did, you would be standing side by side with Kathy Hewitt, who has devoted hours to these organizations, and many more.

Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

When are we as a community going to focus on the big issue that of equality for all and stop these personal attacks?

Sally O’Connor

Shoddy work from a hatemongerer

According to a front page story in the Jan. 21 issue of Dallas Morning News homebuilder Bob Perry, is allegedly guilty of milking average American retirees of their life savings by forcing them to spend their golden years in court because their new homes are falling apart and he won’t fix them.

What was missing from Dallas Voice’s Jan. 19 article on Mr. Perry and Perry Homes was how shoddy Perry Homes actually are.

Solid structures that have stood the test of time are replaced by particle board and spit that can only hope to last half as long.

Perhaps Kathy Hewitt will look to protect her clients from a sub-standard product since she shows no desire for protecting her fellow gays and lesbians from a hatemongering politico.

Michael Amonett

There’s more to the problem

I think the problem with development in Oak Lawn is not just the new residential buildings being put up. God knows no one in this city has any desire to preserve history.

I think there are way too many straight people moving into the neighborhood and going to our clubs and businesses, and that is part of the problem.

I moved 2,000 miles from another major city that had no LGBT community to here, not that this one is any better.

And as for that Tom Thumb construction goes, we don’t need more residential development. We need more parking, like they have over at Preston and Northwest Highway.

Paying to park at Kroger and not having anyone actually protect your vehicle is wrong.

By the way, is that even legal? Who gets that money? More straight people?

Axel Stevenson

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