Leave Dupree alone

Why does Dallas Voice believe that the situation with gay Constable Mike Dupree is the only Dallas community issue that readers want to see covered?

As an educated community leader and citizen, I see, on the one hand, the community’s support of GLBT or GLBT-friendly candidates and their campaigns. But I try not to look too long at the Voice’s glee when one or more of those candidates is downtrodden. This doesn’t make me want to actively seek public office. I am able to be more effective in getting more done without the drudgery of name recognition.

The coverage of Dupree smacks, to me of some 1950s yellow journalism, like when there were traffic collisions and the gore porn was published on the front page.

I am sorry to say this, because I know and have always loved the staff writer who covers this issue.

Grant Kinser

Applauding Equality Texas’ efforts

I applaud Equality Texas for advocating for legislation for a state-funded study of the Hate Crimes Act.

I had the honor and privilege of standing with Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, the Human Rights Campaign, Equality Texas and Collin County Gay and Lesbian Alliance as a community in support of Chris McKee. His case is a prime example of ineffective prosecution, investigation and enforcement.

Violence against gay people simply because they are gay is a form of domestic terrorism that sends shockwaves of fear throughout the GLBT community. GLBT people live each day with the realization that anyone of them could be the next target of a bigoted offender who seeks out people to attack.

According to the FBI’s Hate Crime Statistics for 2004, hate crimes motivated by bias based on sexual orientation represented 16 percent of all reported hate crimes. When these offenders are caught and brought to justice, it is vital that our society sends a strong message that acts of domestic terrorism against one group of people will not be tolerated.

Mr. McKee’s case underscores the need for enhanced law enforcement tools and resources. As a society, our message needs to be clear and strong that bigotry played out through targeted violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the state of Texas will be prosecuted vigorously and effectively.

Pete Webb, president
Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance

Review of biography was off base

J. S. Hall’s slash and burn review of “Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr” by David Bret (Dallas Voice, March 30) ) seemed a bit overwrought to me.

“‘Having recently read Bret’s book and having come away with new insights into Crawford’s life, and feeling generally satisfied by the reading experience, I was puzzled by Hall’s almost angry tone. He seemed genuinely disappointed, and, as I discovered on the internet, Hall’s low opinion of Bret’s work is shared by other reviewers. Never-the-less, in my opinion David Bret’s book is worthwhile, warts and all, and better than Hall’s “adequate” label.

Yes, Bret’s lengthy descriptions of nearly all of Crawford’s films do get in the way of his biography moving forward, but to die-hard Crawford fans, this information is essential reference material.

Also, unlike Hall, I found Bret’s correcting of the record with regard to Christina Crawford’s book on her mom rather refreshing and long overdue.
As Bret points out, the constant mean spiritedness that Christina claimed her mom showed her and her brother, Christopher, is nowhere supported by Crawford’s friends, many of whom came and went regularly at her large Brentwood Park home and who surely would have noticed and reported any bad behavior by “our darling Joan.”

Hall complains about a few glaring factual errors like Bret stating that Billie Burke played “the Blue Fairy in “‘The Wizard of Oz.'” Unfortunately, most non-fiction books I read these days have factual errors, misspelled words and errors in syntax. It’s called poor proof-reading. For example: in Marc Eliot’s excellent Cary Grant biography, he refers to Sherman Whiteside as the lead character in “The Man Who Came to Dinner” when everyone knows the correct name is Sheridan Whiteside.

J.S. Hall is right when he says that the definitive Joan Crawford biography has yet to be written, but until it is, we are going to have to “make do” with David Bret’s volume and go back to watching the films and gazing at the studio portraits of this endlessly fascinating woman and wondering who was she really.

By the way, Billie Burke played Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, ” only bad witches are ugly!”

John W. Cantwell
Fort Worth

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