Let’s get out and vote for Oakley

I was so glad the Dallas Voice provided such in-depth and extensive coverage on the recent May 12 Municipal Election.

No one can say the Voice didn’t provide our community with the facts and attempt to motivate our largely apathetic households into voting in the upcoming Runoff Election on June 16.

The LGBT community has a “historic” opportunity to elect one of its own to lead this large and diverse city. I have told several people that Ed Oakley is the only candidate in the race with the intimate understanding of the minutiae at City Hall. There will be no learning curve for Oakley.

Oakley’s opponent, Tom Leppert, is known to have given large sums of money to Republicans who have a proven track record of being quite hostile to the LGBT community, and it should be painfully obvious to everyone that he is the nominee of big business.

Additionally, Leppert has absolutely no previous elected civic experience.

Corporate executives say that our city, state and federal governments should be run like a corporation. I disagree vehemently. A corporation is a private entity that is non-democratic.

When you run a corporation you don’t need to build consensus; this is not the case with a large metropolitan city like Dallas with a weak mayor and large City Council.

You need someone with the ability to build consensus among the diverse segments of our population.

Oakley is the candidate with that ability.

Official estimates are that there are circa 80,000 LGBT households in Dallas.
It would only take a $15 contribution from each of those households to give Oakley the funds he needs to match Leppert in TV airtime.

Is it worth giving up $15 to know that our community and rights will be protected at City Hall?

It’s definitely worth it to me. In fact, I consider it to be a bargain and money well spent.

I plan on taking at least two people who didn’t vote on May 12th to vote with me in the runoff, and I challenge all of the members of this community to do the same.

Jay Narey

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