Leppert’s comments have no merit

I believe the headline and article declaring Dallas mayoral candidate Tom Leppert “gay-friendly” (Dallas Voice, May 25) was at best misleading.

Seven of the 11 mayoral candidates on the ballot May 12 were pro-active and fully responsive to the DGLA PAC, completing endorsement questionnaires and participating in our interview process, and one submitted the completed questionnaire but did not complete the interview process. Tom Leppert was one of the three candidates who did neither, despite repeated reminders via e-mail and phone.

What can we conclude from such non-response? Does this silence make Mr. Leppert “anti-gay?” No. Does responding to one reporter’s questions about his stance on issues important to the LGBT community make Mr. Leppert “gay-friendly”? No.

While Mr. Leppert now claims that he wants to “bring people together,” it is difficult to believe that he includes LGBT people in that equation when he has no track record of any contact or involvement with our community, except with a Dallas Voice reporter.

The DGLA PAC proudly endorses Ed Oakley for Dallas Mayor. Oakley’s long track record of involvement with the LGBT community extends well beyond “support” and is best described as “advocacy” that began years ago, thrives today, and we have every reason to believe will continue into the future.

Patti Fink
vice president, Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance
chairwoman, DGLA Political Action Committee

Editors Note: Several calls and e-mails to Ed Oakley and his campaign seeking comment about Leppert’s remarks concerning the LGBT community for the above-mentioned article were not returned. Also, the headline in question read, “Mayoral candidate comes out as gay-friendly,” a play on words intended to convey that Leppert was representing himself as gay-friendly.

Don’t take a risk on Leppert

I am writing in response to last week’s article concerning Dallas mayoral candidate Tom Leppert. I do not consider it “gay-friendly” to ignore or not respond to our repeated efforts during the endorsement process.

I would hate for the LGBT community to regress even a little bit with a mayor that is not supportive of our issues.

Ed Oakley has the proven leadership and experience to be our next mayor. It is an exciting time when you have LGBT community leaders, business leaders, Republicans, Democrats and people from every section of Dallas working to elect a candidate. Name another time in recent history when Fred Baron and Harlan Crow were working together for a candidate. I count Ed Oakley as a friend. I can assure you that he will proudly listen and stand up for equality and justice for all citizens. We need him to be victorious in the runoff. Dallas can not take a chance on the unknown factor of Tom Leppert during this crucial period in our history.

Pete Webb

president, Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Investigate Observer, not Dupree

Since most everyone who began the original reporting of the allegations of sexual harassment against Constable Mike Dupree has charged or countercharged the claim, and since a local investigation seems to have done nothing but escalate the issue, I would say that it is now time for a federal team to investigate not only Dupree but the Dallas Observer as well.

As I wrote many letters ago, I do not trust the Observer’s journalistic efforts. Your article about mysterious phone calls from the Observer reporter echoed this. Thank you for continued coverage on the issue.

Grant Kinser


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