Do as I say, not as I do

David Webb’s Rare Reporter column about stereotyping (“Have we all lost our sense of humor?,” Dallas Voice, Nov. 9) raises many of the same issues as the controversy over the use of the “N” word within and outside of the black community.

Is it acceptable or tolerable or repugnant to use that word, depending on the color of your skin? Is it acceptable or tolerable or repugnant to dress like a gay fairy or act like a gay fairy or laugh at a gay fairy depending on your sexual orientation?

I was at the party on Cedar Springs the Saturday before Halloween, and I saw several thousand queers who didn’t seem to be offended by all the gay fairies prancing around (or wobbling on their high heels, as the case may be). Is it that we can camp and carry on and enjoy it but only if we are not straight?

Do we just say to the straight folks, as we wave our magic wands, “Begone! You are not allowed to share in our mirth”?

If someone can’t see the difference between gay humor and hate speech, then I think that the problem is with them, not with me.

Bob Stoller

The reason I’m not laughing

In response to David Webb’s Rare Reporter, Have we all lost our sense of humor? (Dallas Voice, Nov. 9):

Sorry, but I don’t find much funny these days. Here are a few examples of why:

Two weeks ago a local “gay activist” praised Republican state Rep. Dan Branch as an effective politician. This is the same legislator who voted to deny gay/lesbian couples the right to adopt.

The state of Texas (aided by the U.S. Department of Justice) fought all the way to the Supreme Court (and lost, thank goodness) for the right to put us in jail for expressing our love for our partners in the lsawuit Lawrence v. Texas.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed an anti-gay marriage bill (in a church, no less) to make sure that we have no legal rights as couples.

Exxon operates without protest in the middle of Oak Lawn. Walgreens has a homophobic Salvation Army bell ringer across the street from the memorial at Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs.

My sense of humor? It’s long gone when it comes to straight people “joking” with or about gays and lesbians. I say many thanks to Doug Weber for his protest against The Morning Mix on 102.9 FM. I hope one day soon, the “hotties” in our community will be those with the biggest backbone.

Michael Cowan

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