Tired of smelling like a big cigarette

It’s about time!

As a nonsmoker, I applaud any effort to stop smokers from lighting up in the bars. I am tired of coming home smelling like a big cigarette.

I think a lot of my sinus problems come from going to bars where the smoke is heavy.

So I say, go ahead Mayor Tom Leppert, start the ball rolling. I know there are many of my friends who don’t smoke and feel the same way.

I have a friend who was here recently from California who was surprised to see that smoking was allowed. It’s already banned in other major cities; Dallas needs to catch up with the times. I support the ban 100 percent. Let’s get it going.
Roger Huffman

Secondhand smoke killed former co-workers

I have many friends who are smokers whom I love dearly, yet I am 100 percent in favor of banning smoking inside of bars and nightclubs.

From the preliminary results of Dallas Voice’s online poll on this topic, your readers agree by nearly a 3-1 margin.

Scientific evidence has shown that exposure to secondhand smoke is almost as bad for you as being a smoker yourself.

As a crew member for a major airline for many years, I remember the days when people could smoke on planes. It was awful, and it severely endangered the health of fellow passengers and the crew. Several fellow crew members died of lung cancer.

Fortunately, the airlines have prohibited smoking since the early 1990s.

Anyone coming home from an evening out at a bar or nightclub with the smell of smoke totally permeating your clothing, hair, etc. knows what I mean. It’s nasty.

I am not opposed to smokings. If people want to smoke in an open air environment, fine by me. But in areas like planes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it should be prohibited.
Jay Narey

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