Easter basket auction a success

The Easter Basket Auction was a great success again this year, and we just wanted to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.

TGRA joined with The Round Up and Metro Games this year to provide new blood, enthusiasm, and additional basket donations. Their manpower was very helpful in getting the auction set up and performed smoothly.

The Resource Center of Dallas provided numerous new basket donations this year, bringing in companies who have never donated before. And, as always, the Resource Center staff who worked the cashier table did a great job in collecting and keeping it organized. This is no small task with 80 plus baskets.

But the really great boost to this year’s sales was the Saturday night auction at The Hidden Door. The T-Bears put on a great auction and collected several large donations to the project. More then $7,000 came in at the Door, and about $21,000 at the Round Up.

We are very proud of this annual event, each of our basket donors and especially our customers who spent their hard-earned money to buy to baskets. We were emceed by Michael Doughman and Chanel, and our outstanding auctioneer for many years was Ron Lynch. The Tap Dazzlers dazzled everyone, along with Jenna Skyy, our reigning Miss Round Up 2006.
Thank you everyone for another wonderful Easter Basket Auction!

Gary Miller, Alan Pierce and staff
Round Up Saloon

Parents move family to Canada

Editor’s note: The following letter is from the parent of a 3-year-old boy who was expelled from the Episcopal School of Wichita Falls because his parents are a lesbian couple. Dallas Voice staff writer David Webb wrote about efforts by the boy’s godmother to get the school to change its policies in the April
21 issue of Dallas Voice.

This situation has deeply affected us as parents, leaving us overly-conscious about something like this happening again. We are now less trusting of people and much more protective of our kids.

Kathy is from Canada, and we have decided it is better for the kids to be raised where we are legally married and in what is hopefully a more accepting atmosphere up here.

I thought I would never have children, but I met Kathy and 12 years later we are so blessed to have the most beautiful two children in the world. Hopefully this article will make a difference.

Kim Stewart
Waterdown Ontario, Canada

A few facts for Cameron

While reading the article online about Paul Cameron’s article being published in The Journal of Biosocial Science, I had to laugh at all the inaccurate information from this man. Just to help prove Cameron’s allegations to be false, I’ll contribute some facts:

I have lived in Waco, Texas most of my 63 years. I am gay. My health is generally good after quad-bypass heart surgery four years ago. I’ve never had syphilis, which I attribute to the fact that I’ve never had sex with a female.

Kirby L. Pope

Hey Cameron: Gays are everywhere

Either Paul Cameron did his “research” without any substantial contact with homosexuals and if so, how valid could it be? or he had considerable contact with his subjects, in which case he must be gay by now due to his alleged contagion factor.

All kidding aside, if Cameron is correct then everyone would be gay or lesbian by now as “homosexuals” are everywhere and do not live on a separate planet.

Hugh Rosen

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, April 28, 2006. tokarev-sgсео оптимизация сайта самостоятельно