PSSA board of directors responds
This statement is issued in response to the article published Feb. 15 regarding Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association and Jaymee Johnson ("Gay softball league out 2K"):

The board of directors of the Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association takes the allegations of mishandling of league funds very seriously.

Due to the recent confession and subsequent removal from office of Mr. Jaymee Johnson, admitting he misappropriated $2,000 from the league funds, the board will have an external audit conducted within the next 30 days.

We further reject his claim from a recent statement published in Dallas Voice, "… if what I did was so easy to accomplish, then you (PSSA members) should question how much more of your money might have disappeared." We believe no additional funds have been misappropriated by past or current board members other than what has recently been reported.

Results of that investigation will be made available to the membership as soon as possible. Additional procedures for the financial security of the league are being adopted by the PSSA board with input from a certified public account and Bank of America officials.

Mr. Keith Dossiere, CTFA, will serve as treasurer for the league through the end of the current fiscal year. Dossiere earned his bachelor of science in business administration accounting degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas and has been a member of the league since 2006.

We have received no (reimbursement) funds from Mr. Johnson, despite published claims to the contrary. Additionally, the claim made against the board of directors stating that we hired a skip tracer to locate Mr. Johnson is totally false. We believe that this issue is a private matter between our league members, board of directors and Mr. Johnson himself.

During our spring league meeting held Sunday, Feb. 24, the consensus of the members present was that we put these issues behind us and move on. This will be the final statement we will make regarding this matter.
Johnny A. Russell, commissioner,
Dallas Pegasus Slowpitch
Softball Association

Kusner’s rudeness doesn’t help
I read Daniel Kusner’s article regarding Chelsea Clinton’s visit to the University of Texas at Dallas ("Chelsea blows chance to win LGBT support on Dallas trip," Dallas Voice, Feb. 22). And I think the question he posed would’ve been complete without adding, "Or is the word ‘marriage’ too sacred for the Clintons?"

Coming off as rude does not help our cause and it is not fair to attack a daughter because her father was sexually inappropriate within his marriage.

I’ve read other interviews Kusner has done and have sensed this same arrogance. Will it be useful if people start avoiding interviews with him because they anticipate him being obnoxious? If he is out there representing the gay media, I hope he will find other ways to make his points besides berating the people he is interviewing.
Jennifer Walz

Chelsea has been ‘Hudson-ed’
Chelsea Clinton has been "Jennifer Hudson-ed" ("Chelsea blows chance to win LGBT support on Dallas trip," Dallas Voice, Feb. 22).

Ms. Clinton was here to talk about her mother’s policies. She answered Daniel Kusner’s question. He didn’t like the answer, so he badgered her and tried to make her change her answer. Now, no one can support her because her position isn’t the same as his.

Hillary Clinton has been a civil union supporter for a long time. Her position hasn’t changed. In the last election, Gov. Howard Dean was branded a lunatic liberal for his state having been the first to enact civil unions. Now, she’s Dick Cheney for supporting the same position.

Why does every story Daniel Kusner writes have to be about him? I guess no one warned Chelsea Clinton to duck for cover Daniel Kusner was going to be there to attack.

His front page story on Chelsea Clinton was as equally outrageous as his vicious attack on Jennifer Hudson last year. Her crime? Her church taught her that homosexuality was wrong, but she loves her lesbian sister and has many gay friends.
Steve Landry

Shocking attack on Chelsea
I was shocked to read the article on Chelsea Clinton on the front page of the Feb. 22 issue of Dallas Voice ("Chelsea blows chance to win LGBT support on Dallas trip").

The article, though thinly veiled as "news analysis," was clearly not a news article but rather the personal opinions of the writer and a blatant attempt to cause some GLBT voters to reconsider their support of Hillary Clinton. The author’s contempt for Hillary Clinton is made clear by the sarcastic tone of his question to Chelsea, i.e. "Why can’t your mother stoop low enough to grant full equal marriage rights for same-sex couples?"

Had the author spoken to anyone else about their mother in such a derogatory manner, the answer would not likely have been nearly as polite as that given by Chelsea.

The bias of the author is obvious as he fails to mention Barak Obama’s position on this issue. Obama is quoted on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives as saying: "I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman." So why is the author chastising Chelsea Clinton on this single issue when Hillary Clinton is the most ardent supporter of gay rights running for president?

If the writer is going to advocate for one candidate over another his opinions should be labeled as an editorial and not as news on the front page of your newspaper.
Steven Hartzog

Von Wupperfeld doesn’t know Log Cabin
I am responding to the letter to the editor from Paul von Wupperfeld ("Gay rights not a priority for Log Cabin," Dallas Voice, Feb. 22).

Von Wupperfeld states that Log Cabin Republicans lack credibility in making the case for gay equality, and he believes we are more interested in tax cuts. It’s sad when we attack each other, but I feel the need to respond.

With all due respect, von Wupperfeld hasn’t been involved in LCR for a very long time, and I am told he is now a Stonewall Democrat member. Thus, he might be biased against our group and probably ignorant of what we are doing to advance the rights of LGBT people.

Gay equality will not be achieved unless we persuade conservative Americans in the Republican Party that it is fair. The Democratic Congress of 2006 has had opportunities yet has accomplished little of significance for gay equality. Additionally, it is my view that it is beneficial for the Democrats to keep LGBT rights as an open item to garner votes in the future.

The strong support by Democrats for Texas’ Proposition 2 (the constitutional amendment passed in 2004 that bans same-sex marriage in the state) supports the argument that our rights can not be achieved solely by supporting Democrats. For this reason, we must work with allies on both sides of the political aisle.

On the Republican side, Log Cabin Dallas is working diligently to change the hearts and minds of local politicians. We have reached out to Dallas County Republicans, and many have reached back. This is important progress.

We are working hard to repeal the language in the Texas GOP platform regarding LGBT people that only creates division. Individually, Log Cabin members provide needed financial support and volunteer time.

All these efforts add towards our overall effort to change the hearts and minds of the Republican base.

Equality for gay people is a priority for Log Cabin Dallas, but not the only priority. One thing we all share, regardless of party affiliation or sexual orientation, is the need for a safe country and strong economy, and for those reasons, I expressed my support for John McCain.

Both presidential candidates on the Democrat side, and especially Barack Obama, have positions on both national security and the economy that greatly concern me because they remind me of the failed Carter years that so many of my friends either have either forgotten or were too young to know about.

Unemployment was in the double-digits then; mortgage rates were 17 percent; inflation was around 20 percent per year, and you couldn’t buy gas at any price.

Iran took United States hostages, and our dismantled military could not rescue them.

So, with Obama’s advisors comprised of Carter people, his candidacy causes me much doubt on the two key issues that affect us all every day.

I would personally prefer Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, however, her candidacy is not looking as viable as it once did.

Don’t forget, it’s been corporate America, one of our Democrat friends’ favorite punching bags, that have often been leaders for gay equality in the workplace as well as being generous contributors to our cause. Log Cabin Republicans support a vibrant, and dare we say, profitable business environment because it helps all of us.

Log Cabin’s mission is two-fold. One is to make the case for gay equality within the Grand Old Party. We are doing that. The second is to educate the gay community on Republican positions, and as Paul von Wupperfeld duly noted, we are doing that, as well.
Rob Schlein, president,
Log Cabin Republicans Dallas

Support Pete Schulte
I hope you will join me and others in the LGBT community in voting for Pete Schulte for the Democratic nomination for Dallas County sheriff.

Pete is a bright, energetic young man who has experience as a police officer, a defense attorney and a Dallas County prosecutor. He has seen the criminal justice system from all sides, and he will make the changes needed to turn the Sheriff’s Department around.

This election isn’t about race, gender or orientation. It’s about picking the most qualified and strongest candidate to represent the Democratic Party in November.

Pete’s experience, enthusiasm, youth and vigor will be a marked contrast to the 71-year old retired police chief that the Republicans will be nominating.

As Democrats, we need to put our best foot forward. Pete Schulte will be a candidate that we can all be proud of. When you consider the record of the current administration, and what Pete Schulte has to offer, the choice is crystal clear.

No more excuses it’s time for Pete Schulte for sheriff.
John Loza

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