Set Love Free
I am writing regarding the article regarding Brad Kimple and his Stop and Think group (Soundout, Dallas Voice, April 28).
If you don’t like the sounds of the city then move. I, too, am a native Dallasite, and I am smart enough to realize that American Airlines is gouging the public while its CEO takes home millions.
The airline can report losses to justify the gouging, but if they would quit trying to be the only airline in the DFW area they could operate in the black once again.
If they cared for their employees like Southwest Airlines care for its employees, American might show vast profits for long periods of time. Set Love Free!

Chrise Bates

Think of the mothers
This Mother’s Day, please consider the faith of moms in Iraq and those moms in United States who have lost a “part of themselves” in Iraq.

M. Aram Azadpour

Oak Lawn’s gay history is crashing
I must agree that Oak Lawn is in a state of change. Right now, it’s split-offs of Uptown. Then the auto dealerships and Whole Foods Grocery on Lemmon Avenue told me that since they pay Highland Park school taxes, they are no longer in Oak Lawn.

It just looks like the gay history of the area is about in the shape of the Titanic, when it had broken in half and the rear of the ship was just readying to crash into the ocean.

Grant Kinser

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