QL council protest didn’t help gay Fort Worth

I was appalled and saddened to watch how the actors from Queer Liberaction of Dallas disrupted the Fort Worth City Council meeting on July 14, to the point of getting themselves removed from the council chamber.

This publicity stunt did nothing beneficial to help anyone who resides in Fort Worth.
I do believe there is a right time and place for loud protests, and we need people willing to do that. But their demands for exceptional treatment and public disrespect of our elected officials inside our council chamber was unacceptable and offensive to me as a resident of Fort Worth.

Their malicious behavior was no more acceptable than that of the officers in the Rainbow Lounge. Neither of these two episodes characterizes the way we treat each other in Fort Worth, and these antics of Queer Liberaction are unwanted in our great city.

Our mayor graciously treated these protestors with respect they were unwilling to return to him and everyone else in the chamber who had given of their own time to be there.

If the protesters had cooperated with the mayor and stayed in the meeting, they would have experienced something special later when both gay and straight speakers spoke with united passion about the city we call home and their desire to work together to get answers and healing.

They would have seen a mayor and council who responded to the pleas of its citizens with compassion and commitment to do the right thing. It is unfortunate they missed that experience because they were too demanding to sacrifice a few hours of their own time for the benefit of all who were present.

The creation of the new Fairness Fort Worth organization is a perfect example of how things are done well in Fort Worth. The GLBT community looked within itself to find capable neighbors who will work honorably with our city’s leaders to solve our concerns — that is "The Fort Worth Way" and people who do not live here will not understand that experience.

But we do.

Paul Orr
Fort Worth

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 17, 2009.

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