Not comparing circumstances, emulating focus

In drawing attention to the "Gay rights are not civil rights" sign in Gatesville ("Instant Tea," July 24), you reported that the sign’s funder claimed he "merely wanted to point out" to African-Americans that "now everything they fought for is being hijacked."

While it is certainly possible to question the sign funder’s and owner’s assumptions, it may be more useful to learn from the civil rights battles.

When JFK said equality, but "not yet," black leaders pushed forward. When LBJ sought equality, but not "too soon," black activists pushed on. Finally, neither the administration nor the Congress nor the courts could find excuses sufficient to deny African-Americans full equality under the law.

Most in the LGBT community do not seek to compare circumstances. We do seek to emulate the powerful focus of the African-American community.

Phyllis Guest


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 31, 2009.

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