Gary Bellomy unfairly overlooked
In an effort to be honest and give full disclosure, I want to make it clear that the man I speak of in this letter is my partner of 15 years, Gary Bellomy.

I truly am at a loss about the GLBT community and the people they recognize as "stars." I wonder how Gary has been forgotten.

Gary Bellomy founded ACT UP in Dallas many years ago. He served on the board of DGLA for 12 years and was instrumental in branching off the Resource Center. He spent months volunteering at the district attorney’s office, helping gays and lesbians that needed restraining orders against their partners.

He is considered by many to be the leading expert regarding gay and lesbian domestic abuse. NBC, Channel 5 even interviewed him a few years back.

Gary has spent a lifetime serving the community, but unfortunately he served mainly at a time when other people attempted and succeeded to take credit for his work.

I am eternally proud of what Gary has given to the GLBT community and wish that the community would finally find a way to recognize his service. Deb Elder, Cece Cox and Steve Atkinson were pushed to the forefront by Gary in his role as a board member of DGLA. In fact, he was almost considered the king-maker.

As time has progressed, he has gotten a bit discouraged. I can’t blame him.

Somehow I have taken the lead in our family in regards to community service.

However, I wish to remind the Dallas GLBT community that without my wonderful partner, Gary Bellomy, much of the progress that has happened in this city would not have occurred. It is time for a major organization to recognize my husband as one of the founders of the "gay movement" in Dallas.

I love Gary dearly and only want what he deserves, which is to be recognized as a founder of the gay/lesbian/transgender agenda in the Metroplex.

Will Kolb

‘Department of Injustice’
As a law-abiding, tax-paying American citizen, I am insulted and demeaned by the rhetoric in the recent government brief supporting the Defense of Marriage Act.

It is wrong to spread lies. It is wrong to invent new ways to devalue U.S. citizens. I pay taxes and the government is required to protect and defend me and mine.
I am not interested in the rite of holy matrimony; I am interested in receiving recognition, respect and the same equal civil rights provided to heterosexual citizens. All the clever words mean nothing if they dishonor me and my relationship.

I served in the U.S. Navy to defend this country during the Vietnam war. Why will my country not defend me and my loved ones?

Jeffery Weber

Bring back ‘Gay Money’
I remember in the late 1970s and early ’80s when we in the gay community were trying to show our economic clout and many of us stamped our money in red ink "Gay Money."

In the ’90s something was going on that got me stirred up again, and as a gay nightclub owner I had lots of cash going through my hands and started stamping all the cash with "Gay Money" again prior to depositing it in the bank.

Looks like it’s time for us to bring the practice back. This time we should stamp or write in marker on all our cash "Repeal DOMA" (the Defense of Marriage Act) or "Repeal DADT" (the military’s anti-gay "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy). We could even put "Repeal DOMA" on one side and "Repeal DADT" on the other.

We should get it going all around the country. Let the money talk while the B.S. walks.

Carl Smith


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