You can’t keep everyone happy
With all the controversy going on about the article on the infamous "CoH Trio" ("Trio takes on Cathedral," Dallas Voice, March 20), I just wanted to thank Dallas Voice for the nice write-up in the Metro section of the Readers Voice Awards.

I find it ironic that we are hailed as the "Best Place of Worship" by Voice readers in the same issue as the article about the three unhappy men. But hey, I guess that is a classic example of how you can’t keep everyone happy all the time! Thanks again for including us and giving Voice readers a nice bit of CoH history.

Paul W. Taylor, director of communications

Cathedral of Hope UCC

‘Trio’ hurting Body of Christ

I have been a member of the Cathedral of Hope since 2001. I lived through the 2003 schism cited in the Dallas Voice article ("Trio takes on Cathedral," Dallas Voice, March 20). Blake Ashlock’s comment that, "This has nothing to do with the congregation," is yet another illogical statement that attests to the wrong-headed thinking exhibited by these three men in the way they handled their perceived grievances.

In point of fact, spreading rumors and lies about the CoH leadership, and then taking those grievances to the media in attempt to undermine those same church leaders when you don’t get your way does unequivocal harm to the congregation.

Those of us who support CoH looked on in dismay in 2003 as tens of thousands of dollars in church funds were diverted to pay for unnecessary legal and accounting fees to refute illogical and spiteful charges brought by a few disgruntled church members. This did in fact damage the congregation, which is the Body of Christ, and they also damaged the community as a whole by usurping money that could have been used to support the good work for which CoH is known locally and nationally.

If I had concerns about the fitness of church leadership that were not addressed to my satisfaction, I would take my time and my money to another church. To use these resources to mount an ill-thought-out attempt to further damage the church is neither loving nor supporting of the congregation, despite Mr. Ashlock’s contention to the contrary. I commend our board and church leadership for protecting our church home against yet another spiteful attack.

Rob Rowntree

‘Trio’ just making things worse
When will it all end ("Trio takes on Cathedral," Dallas Voice, March 20)? While I am sure the three men making these accusations truly believe they are trying to save their church, the only thing they are doing is making things worse — worse for them, for our church leaders, for our church community of faith and our community at large.

I do not doubt their passion for their convictions, but I disagree wholeheartedly with how they are going about this. I am a very faithful member of Cathedral of Hope and quite proud of this. I attend every Sunday, beginning my week with words of inspiration and hope that carry me forth.

Just about every friend I have in my life at this time, I have met at CoH. My story is not different from others in our congregation. I arrived angry and broken, but in time came to see that God does still love me and always has, just as I am. No other church in my years has ever told me this. CoH has always given me hope, fellowship and support. Never was I promised a perfect relationship with God or with anyone for that matter. That is not the world we live in.

One of my favorite moments in church, and I have lots of them, is when I am sitting in my pew after communion. At that moment, I look around the room and see I am part of something greater than myself. I am part of a community that longs to make this world a better place — better than what we had in our own childhoods and better for the children of future generations. We do not strive for this as a lofty goal. We do it now. Today! Isn’t that what we are really trying to do in praising God? I will continue to try, and to do!

Jason Shockley

CoH leaders make good things happen
Say what you wish about the clergy and staff of Cathedral of Hope. But without the drive and vision of the leaders many good things would not happen.

Hundreds of homeless would not be fed every Saturday morning through BACH (Breakfast At Cathedral of Hope). Thousands of area families would not have had meals to celebrate Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving over the past several years. Hundreds, possibly thousands of children would not have Christmas. There are other programs and services that would not exist without those leaders, like the food wall at CoH that has assisted hundreds who are looking for their next meal. Hundreds have benefited from the annual health fairs the church sponsors and many who are suffering and in need of spiritual guidance would have gone without the support of those leaders, who spent countless hours with them.

Say what you wish. But I would put the great deeds of CoH up against any church in the area.

James Zackey

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 27, 2009.
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