Pretty damning words from the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. And, I might add, this is what Joe and I have been saying for two years now, about issue after issue: The President isn’t giving his all. We’ve been criticized by those who don’t understand how the presidency works (or who have an interest, usually financial or cocktail-based), in sucking up to the administration). The apologists keep saying the President has done everything he can. Levin says otherwise.

From ThinkProgress:

The way I think the President needs to fight is to say that he is going to use all of the power he has of a bully pulpit and urge the Senate to stay in, right up to New Years. … [T]hat’s the problem, that I don’t see that kind of a willingness to fight that hard, where he will take that kind of a position, and that’s what’s necessary. The Senate and the House, these are tests of wills.