Lez Zeppelin

I just saw this story on DNAInfo.com about the all-girl Led Zeppelin cover band, Lez Zeppelin, who are celebrating the recent vote to legalize same-sex marriage in New York in a unique way: a mass wedding at a Lez Zeppelin concert.

As it turns out, Leesa Harrington-Squyres, the Lez Zeppelin drummer, is also an ordained minister, and she will officiate at the ceremony, which will be held just prior to the band’s big end-of-summer concert on Aug. 26 at Irving Plaza in New York City. The ceremony is open to the first 50 people who pay $65 and register at the Lez Get Married website. The wedding package includes the musical ceremony, two free tickets per couple to the concert, with VIP seating for up to six people per couple and photos with the band.

And by the way, the ceremony is open to straight couples as well as lesbian and gay couples.

On the Lez Get Married website, Lez Zeppelin leader and guitarist, said, “In light of the historic moment here in our very own New York, and as we are in the unique position of actually being able to marry people, we thought it would be a beautiful and magical way to say ‘thank you’ to our fans.”

I know there are some folks who wouldn’t want to share their wedding with 59 other couples at a concert. But if you ask me, a wedding PLUS a concert for $65 sounds like a great deal.

Watch Lez Zeppelin perform “Whole Lotta Love” below.