Equality Texas, Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU of Texas, the Texas Freedom Network and the Transgender Education Network of Texas holds a press conference this morning, Friday, July 21, in the Texas Capitol rotunda as the Senate State Affairs Committee holds a hearing on anti-transgender bills SB3 and SB91.

Those bills, commonly known as the bathroom bills, would block cities and school districts from protecting trans Texans in schools and other public facilities.

Among those speaking are two parents of trans children, a pastor, and two transgender women. Also scheduled are Lou Weaver, transgender program coordinator, Equality Texas; Kali Cohn, staff attorney, ACLU of Texas; and Cathryn Oakley, senior legislative counsel, HRC.

The bills are expected to pass the Senate committee and be approved by the full Senate quickly. Various legislative maneuvers are planned in the House of Representatives to kill the bills.