An LGBT rally and march is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 4 to send the message “We are not going back on our civil rights.” The rally begins at 4 p.m. on Saturday at Resource Center, 5750 Cedar Springs Road.

This week, Donald Trump announced he would not rescind an executive order signed by President Barack Obama that requires federal contractors to have nondiscrimination policies in place. That order forced ExxonMobil to put a nondiscrimination policy in place in order to continue doing business with the government. (That company’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, was sworn in as Secretary of State yesterday, Feb. 1.)

A different anti-LGBT executive order is still expected from Trump. That order would allow federal employees to refuse to serve people if it conflicted with their deeply held religious beliefs. The order is expected to be worded so that the discrimination is a one-way street. LGBT federal employees won’t be allowed to refuse service to bigots.

Activists have said that should the anti-LGBT executive order be issued, the community is asked to meet at the Legacy of Love monument at the corner of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn at 7 p.m. on the day the order is signed.

Organizers for the Saturday rally include: Lambda Legal, Dallas Lgbtqia Front, Dallas Workers Front, Take Back Oak Lawn, QueerBomb Dallas, LULAC 4871 – The Dallas Rainbow Council, Cathedral of Hope, Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance (DGLA), Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, Fight for Fifteen Dallas, Democratic Socialists of America- North Texas, Resource Center, HRC, Equality Texas and Congregation Beth El Binah.