A sign advertising LGBT running group DFW Front Runners’ first-ever Pride Run went missing over Labor Day weekend, and group’s president suspects anti-gay motives.

Front Runners President Lin Wang told Instant Tea that two 18-by-24-inch metal signs, which feature larger versions of the image at right, were placed along the Katy Trail on Saturday, one near the Katy Ice House and the other near the Hall Street entrance.

He said while he was running early Monday morning, he noticed the sign near Hall Street was missing. He said the other sign was probably still in place because of the number of people at the Katy Ice House.

Wang is also the race director for the Pride Run, which is on the morning of Dallas Pride, Sept. 16. He contacted the Katy Trail administrator and the trail manager, who told him the sign would only have been taken down if it was too early to advertise an event or if the run had already passed.

Wang said he thinks whoever took down the sign had anti-gay motives, due to the rainbow colors and the fact that the run benefits AIDS Interfaith Network.

“Either someone really liked the sign, which I doubt, or someone really hated the sign,” Wang said.

He said he replaced the $20 sign and had a large banner printed so he could tie it onto the fence.

More information on the event can be found here. The cost for registration is $25. The Front Runner Dallas walking and running group meets Saturdays at 8:30 at the statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Park. Volunteers for the event can sign up on the website.