The people over at Stop Avatar Movie blog site are attempting to rally the LGBT community and allies to protest the Friday opening of James Cameron’s Avatar.

Um,  you know, I’ll just let them explain after the jump.

On Friday, December 18, 2009 thousands of people will be protesting the release of the James Cameron movie, Avatar. The purpose of the protest is as follows:

1) To make all people aware that  heterosexual arrogance, assumptions or exclusions of alternative sexualities in movies is no longer acceptable. Diversity and tolerance are human rights.

2) To speak out for all gay, bi-sexual, genderless and transgender people who are not represented by any character in Avatar.

3) To educate people about Evolution and humanity’s transition to transgenderism.

All protests will be peaceful and non-confrontational. Suggested methods of protest:

  • Stand outside of theaters with signs and pamphlets to express your views
  • Sit down in theater lobbies and do not move unless the police use force or violence upon you
  • Stand up during a viewing of Avatar and remain standing
  • Buy tickets to Avatar in bulk but do not attend showings. An empty theater sends a message
  • Bring your mate to the theater and show affection to each other.

Reminder: SILENCE = DEATH. We will be silent no more.

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