Nathan Manske and Marquise Lee just finished a 4 month, 50 state tour of the United States collecting stories for their I'm From Driftwood site. We'll be sharing some of the stories they collected along with some of the insight into what they saw. They're still encouraging people to submit their written stories via IFD.

Driftwood We ask everyone who shares a story on camera to sign a release just to cover ourselves and so we can show their story at Reading Events at community centers, college campuses, etc., without having to go back and get their permission again. Most people just sign and don't think much of it so when I noticed Dave reading every word I was curious. He actually asked if it was okay to not sign and I said sure no problem but asked what bothered him. He explained that his story was very unique and was interested in turning it into a film or book. After hearing his story, I sure hope he does. I would buy the book and watch the movie. 

Watch Dave's story, AFTER THE JUMP…  

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