You’ve likely seen the full page announcements in our print version, but to remind, the LGBT Survey ends this Saturday. And why is it important to take note? Oh, a few reasons.

First, you could win some scratch just for doing the survey. Five cash prizes of $100 will be doled out to those who complete it or can be donated to a charity of your choice.

Second, as you respond, you join the movement toward changing the practices of major corporations in acknowledge their own LGBT employees and the communities they serve. So, yeah, you’re creating change.

Third, these reports also affect advertising and invites those major businesses to appeal to LGBT demographics. Diversity begets diversity and we could see more big biz gear their products and services toward little ol’ us.

And fourth, why not? A few minutes could snag you a $100 and set forth a whole wave of influence across the board. Trust. That’s a win-win.