Aqui estamosAquí Estamos, a youth-led LGBTQ organization in the Rio Grande Valley, will lead a protest against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for supporting anti-LGBTQ legislation and spreading hateful rhetoric against the LGBTQ community. Texas Freedom Network, South Texans for Reproductive Justice, Curando RGV, Valley AIDS Council, PFLAG Harlingen, and Call To Action RGV will also demonstrate.

The community is disappointed with Abbott allying himself with North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and supporting North Carolina’s HB2 that targets transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals from using public facilities.

Sofia Peña, organizer for South Texans for Reproductive Justice, said, “South Texans for Reproductive Justice understands LGBT rights, immigrant rights and reproductive rights are all inherently closely linked but especially in the wake of harmful legislation around the nation. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is notorious for undermining the rights of innocent, marginalized communities under the guise of protecting family values.”

Ruben Garza, leader of Texas Freedom Network in the Rio Grande Valley, added, “We will be protesting against Greg Abbott because he has continuously worked to restrict and undermine the rights and liberties of Texans. He has become a vocal opponent of legislation and ordinances that protect the rights and liberties of the LGBTQ community, and transgender people. Greg Abbott is a roadblock in the path to justice, liberty, and progress. Texas deserves better leadership, and he must go!

Protesters will gather in front of R Communications, where Abbott will be hosting an event. The protest will be followed by a short program to highlight LGBTQ lives lost because of the hate Greg Abbott is spreading.

The May 26 protest begins at 3 p.m. outside R Communications,
1201 N Jackson Road #900, McAllen.