Sen. Joe Lieberman
Sen. Joe Lieberman

Sen. Joe Lieberman is going to introduce the bill to repeal Don’t ask, don’t tell.

I know I’m going to get bashed for this, but Queerty’s “5 reasons why making Joe Lieberman Obama’s DADT pointman is really really terrible idea” is dumb and wrong.

Queerty’s #1 reason: Democrats can’t stand the guy.

Most Democrats don’t need to be convinced. Most Democrats know DADT is wrong. Will they vote that way though? Who knows. At last count, there were 59 Democrats and 50 is still a majority. This can pass with eight opposed.

Queerty’s #2 reason: Conservatives don’t exactly love the guy.

No, but this is Washington politics. Don’t be naïve. He can call in favors. And right now the Republicans owe him big for helping to stall healthcare reform.

Queerty’s #3 reason: He is terrible under pressure.

But he’s good when he can quote facts and statistics, like this new report in the New York Times on gays in the military in other countries and how it’s had little effect.

Queerty’s #4 reason: Even old white guys don’t like him.

This is an issue that will be decided by the Senate. How the constituents of his state — which has same-sex marriage in place — feel about the issue, old, white or not, is somewhat irrelevant. Queerty mentions that in polls Lieberman would lose to a strong Democrat. Even more reason for him to do what he thinks is right, not what he thinks will get him re-elected. In fact, it might gain him more support in a state that already indicates support for its same-sex marriage laws.

Queerty’s #5 reason: Joe Lieberman is stupid.

Yup, dumb enough to get himself re-elected after losing the primary and running against a Republican and a Democratic opponent.

But for this reason, Queerty cites his opposition to healthcare reform. Lieberman represents Connecticut, home of the insurance industry. Healthcare reform is not going to come from Connecticut any more than ending tobacco subsidies will originate in South Carolina. That’s not how politics works.

However, on a number of issues, Lieberman is quite liberal. The environment. His record in that area is one of the main reasons Al Gore chose him as his running mate. On gays in the military? Jews don’t use homosexuality as a fund raising tool. Even Jewish Republicans like Eric Canter. So it’s not surprising that he’s perfectly comfortable sponsoring this legislation.

If DADT repeal passes, Lieberman will get little credit because so many people are so angry with him. If it fails, he’ll get all the blame. Obama will be criticized for making Lieberman the point man in the first place. Democratic Senators will blame Massachusetts for electing a Republican. And Republicans can sleep easy knowing they kept the country safe from Arabic translators.способы продвижения в интернетераскрутка сайта гугл