LifewalkThe 25th annual LifeWalk takes place this Sunday, Oct. 4. But organizers aren’t the only ones exhausting themselves before the event.

A current glance at the numbers shows some of the top teams have exceeded all previous goals. In fact, according to the LifeWalk website, seven teams and three individuals have raised $10,000 or more so far. Four of those teams — Team Clover, Guys and Dolls, Green Team and Team Metro — have raised more than $20,000.

But they’re just not racing against the clock. They are also racing to exceed the all-time LifeWalk team fundraising record of $86,359, set by Guys and Dolls in 2013.

But for the 25th anniversary, why not go all out?

Terry Bax with the three-year old Team Clover wants to beat that goal, and he’s nearly there.

After factoring in sponsorships, Team Clover has raised $86,018 (as of Monday, Sept. 28).

But he wants more, he said. He wants to raise $100,000, he told the Voice in an April interview.

It’s not an impossible feat. Guys and Dolls and Green Team, for example, have brought in their own impressive numbers. G&D has raised $835,000 since 1997, according to the most recent numbers. Green Team has been with Life Walk for 24 years. They’ve raked in $260,000.

This year, $100,000 may be one person’s goal. But every dollar counts to the cause, said Tori Hobbs, chief development officer of AIDS Arms, a Life Walk beneficiary.

“If people hadn’t stood up and raised awareness for this long, we’d still have people dying in the streets. People are living because of [each donor’s efforts]. Every dollar makes a difference, and no gift is too small,” she said.