Leslie Jordan is the creator of several one-man shows, but his latest owes something to yours truly. My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, which started as a book and morphed into stage monologues about his life in Hollywood, begins at the Emmy Awards, where he won best guest actor in a comedy series for his role on Will & Grace. Jordan’s most memorable line at the primetime ceremony — that he took his award to bed with him, making Emmy the only woman he’s ever slept with — was fed to him by me. Yup. I wrote that line. No acknowledgement. Not credit in the book. I’m not holding my breath for a memo in the Playbill.

But I digress. The real news is Lily Tomlin — who worked with Jordan on an aborted HBO series set in Dallas — will produce Jordan’s show off-Broadway. Lily’s longtime partner, Jane Wagner, is also a producer. It is set to open at New York’s Midtown Theatre on April 14 and run trhough July. I wish him well, despite his omissions of me.яндекс раскрутка сайта