Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

The judge in the Lisa Miller custody case has given Miller 30 days to appear in court. He could have issued a contempt of court citation.

Miller was the biological mother of a child she had while in a relationship with Janet Jenkins. The couple lived in Vermont.

Within a year of their daughter’s birth, Miller ended the relationship and moved to Virginia where she became involved with Jerry Falwell’s church. Jenkins sued for joint custody and won. Miller refused to abide by earlier court rulings and the Vermont family court judge changed full custody to Jenkins. A Virginia court ruled that the Vermont court had full jurisdiction in the case.

On Jan. 1, the transfer of custody was to have taken place. Miller and their daughter have not been seen since the beginning of December.

The judge set a Feb. 23 court date. If Miller does not appear in court, he could issue an arrest warrant.раскрутка веб сайтараскрутка видео на ютубе