Rawlins Gilliland

Rawlins Gilliland

Dallas commentator Rawlins Gilliland recently wrote a piece for KERA about what he felt being in love meant and why he should be able to marry the man he loves.

He shares an entry from his journal from 1969 when he was first in love with a man.

“You know what makes me sad? After I met you, I learned how it felt to want to be with someone and create a life together. But I keep asking myself, ‘What does this lead to’ and the answer is nothing except what it is. I want being with you to be celebrated. I don’t know what that means but I know how it feels.  I realize now what I could not comprehend then; I simply wanted what everyone else had because, after falling in love, I became ‘everyone else.’”

Gilliland wrote on his Facebook that he never felt “I nailed something unequivocally but this is as close to perfect as I’m capable of producing.”

He heard the piece air this morning “in real time in bed with my arms around the man who in part inspired this piece. I cried softly in the dark knowing that would be a memory I can take to my grave.”

Listen here.