I’m in NYC to attend the latest Out for Kirsten Gillibrand blograiser. U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) is up for election, and as a strong ally of the LGBT community, Gillibrand organizer Todd Beeton invited me, along with Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell and NY-based bloggers Jeremy Hooper and Joe Jervis

It will be from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm @ Therapy (upstairs bar)

348 West 52nd Street, New York, NY

Admission: , so it’s a small dollar boost for the campaign.

As you can see by the widget, we’re live Tweeting tonight, and photos will be uploaded with links within the stream.

Key Tweeters:

Todd Beeton: @toddbeeton

Pam = @pam_spaulding

Joe = @joemygod

Jeremy = @goodasyou

Follow: @SenGillibrand

Hashtag: #out4kirsten

Why support Senator Gillibrand?

She is a champion of marriage equality, as you can see in this video:

Kirsten was one of the first US Senators to proclaim her full support for marriage equality. Schumer followed shortly after.

She sees marriage equality as a single battle in the larger fight for overall equality. She fully supports repeal of DADT, repeal DOMA, the passage of an inclusive ENDA, and for inclusion of UAFA in immigration reform. She would support amending the Civil Rights Act to include federal LGBT protections.

For instance on DADT, she was outspoken early and often about the issue.

* I Stand With Lt. Dan Choi, It’s Time To Repeal DADT

* Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to hold Senate hearings on DADT

And on non-LGBT issues, Sen. Gillibrand fought hard last year for a public option.

* Thank You For Getting Us This Far

She led the fight in the Senate against the Stupak amendment, tweeting, blogging, organizing and speaking out against it on the floor. That she’s an avid fan of messaging through social media to stay in contact with constituents and supporters of equality is a big plus for those of us working in new media.

At the top of the left sidebar, you can donate directly through ActBlue to Kirsten’s campaign, or click here.

Gillibrand’s primary opponent is trial attorney Gail Goode. The Democratic primary is on September 14.
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