Dame Elizabeth Taylor
Dame Elizabeth Taylor

CNN has just reported that Elizabeth Taylor, 77-year-old actress and AIDS activist extraordinaire, has posted an announcement on her Twitter feed that she is going into the hospital to undergo heart surgery.

According to Liz’s Twitter feed, the procedure involves “repairing my leaky valve using a clip device, without open heart surgery, so that my heart will function better.”

She also asked that her fans keep her in their prayers: “Any prayers you happen to have lying around I would dearly appreciate. I’ll let you know when it’s all over. Love you, Elizabeth.”

According to a separate report by gay journalist Karen Ocamb, in a later tweet, Liz said that rumors she has diabetes are a lie, and she has also denied that she is suicidal and that her health problems were related to her grief over Michael Jackson’s death.

CNN says that Liz  posts regularly on her Twitter account, DameElizabeth, which has more than 155,000 followers and which she opened earlier this year at the urging of her close friend Kathy Ireland.создание сайтов для турфирм