By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer


Any new car must be inaugurated with just the right song. This isn’t the same as your favorite song; this is the tune that should highlight what the new car sound is going to be from here on out. R&B and dance will test the bass potential while rock and country will show how lush the system can be.

These pop staples should be in any blaring rotation on your first drive. Sing along as loud as you can.

"Yeah!" — Usher: The keyboards alone are enough to blast out loud, but Usher’s silky-sexy voice keeps it hot. I dare you to copy his dance moves at your next stoplight.

"Since U Been Gone" – Kelly Clarkson: Sure it’s a defiant breakup song, but don’t even try to resist wailing along with the Burleson native. This is great practice for karaoke night. Who doesn’t whip this one out at the mike?

"London Beckoned Song About Money Written By Machines" – Panic at the Disco: Despite stupid song titles from this band, their teeny-bop rock is leveled out by witty lyrics. But mostly, this party rock accompanies a driving night out on the town.

"Route 66" – Depeche Mode: There may be no Route 66 anymore, but jump on I-45 and head south for a change of scenery.

"Freedom 90" – George Michael, pictured: This classic is pretty much good for any occasion, but its bluesy pop has that same feeling of triumph you’ll have driving off the lot. You’ll want to soak in "Freedom" hearing its every nuance while exploring all the buttons on the control panel.

"All These Things I’ve Done" – The Killers: Press play for this song for a drive along the lake. The Killers play the perfect tempo to enjoy the smooth ride of well-balanced new tires without the need for haste. Plus, the tune is as crisp as a sunny autumn day.

"Don’t Stop Believin’" – Journey: This might just beat out all the others.
"Dirty King" – The Cliks: The guitars here push this song into high gear. You’ll feel like the opening credits of a TV show’s theme song driving to the trans-rocker or the very end of a movie if you head toward the sunset. However you want it.

— Rich Lopez

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 06, 2009.новые методы продвижения в интернетекак узнать на какой позиции сайт