Chanel Champagne


Liquid Zoo owner Nell Scarborough was at the hospital with drag performer Chanel Champagne and reported surgery went well.

Chanel was a passenger in a car involved in an accident on Feb. 7 in Denison. The car hit a patch of black ice, hit a wall, bounced off the wall and hit an 18-wheeler. The car ended up facing oncoming traffic on the highway.

“He got to his room around 10:30 last night,” Scarborough said. “He was in great spirits when I left around 11. He will be in the hospital about a week and the recovery has begun.”

Chanel lost a finger, has a broken clavicle, fractured ribs and an arm broken in two places.

Liquid Zoo has a jug set up at the bar taking donations to help pay his bills. Several benefits are planned or in the planning stage. The first will be at the Round-Up Saloon on Feb. 25. Onyx is putting one together at Liquid Zoo and Blake is working on one for Marty’s Live.


Local entertainer DK Chanel Champagne TerBorch, aka Chanel Champagne, was injured late last night/early this morning in a collision with an 18-wheeler, according to reports posted on social media.

Reports indicate that Chanel underwent surgery for her injuries. We will update as we learn more.