I received an email from local musician Sonya Jevette that she was about to embark on her first tour outside of Texas with two other musicians. She along with SuZanne Kimbrell and Rocio Aranda, AKA Immigrant Punk, announced their tour to Los Angeles earlier this month and they are doing it on the DIY. It was an easy decision for Jevette, once Kimbrell suggested it.

“My whole attitude for this year is go big or go home,” Jevette says, “so when SuZanne said ‘Let’s go to L.A.,’ I said ‘When?'”

And they’re doing it. You can see all their upcoming dates here.

Now they are just asking for some help.

The trio opted to ask for donations to help them make their way to L.A. and back. So far the response has been good among their fans, but Jevette says that they still hope they can find donations for gas and even tires for her van. But really, she says, “We’d take whatever people are willing to give us to help.” Gas cards, spare change, prepaid credit cards — all in the name of supporting local music.

“You know, if we  sucked I wouldn’t pay jack and that’s as it should be,” she adds. “We don’t suck. All of us are super-talented and we’re going to make this happen.”

The trio plans to document the trip and shows on social media and use this as preparation for a possible tour into Georgia. These ladies are gonna work it. Maybe you can help them do so. For donations to the trio (or even one in particular) email here for more information.