Online publishing seems to be the way to go for upstart magazines. Two local LGBT pubs recently announced their debut and have their sights set on specific audiences.

Reina is the creation of Ashlei Spivey, who apparently also goes by Vonnie Spiv.  The launch party was held July 10 at Chocolate Secrets. Here’s the mission of Reina as stated in their press kit:

The magazine envisions bridging resources in the lesbian community of color through discourse surrounding various subjects pertinent to this community. Reina believes in expanding the voice of the community. Even though the magazine is targeted to lesbians of color, there is something is this magazine for everyone. We embrace our community and our allies.

View the current issue here. According to their Facebook page, the mag’s website goes interactive on Thursday.

While Spivey’s magazine will be geared mostly to lesbians of color, BlaqOut Dallas is gearing up to be a resource for the entire black queer demographic of the area.  Fahari’s Harold Steward is behind the magazine but said, “the community is my team.” The official launch for the magazine is expected to be this fall, but he encourages everyone to visit their Facebook page until the website is built. This is the current description of the mag:

BlaqOut Dallas is an online publication that profiles the people, organizations, arts, politics and culture of the Black Queer North Texas community.

Roneka Patterson did an impressive photo shoot for the mag that can be seen on their page.

When asked if there was room for two magazines devoted to LGBTs of color in Dallas, Steward replied, “There is room for many more.”