Are you tired of hearing about Leisha Hailey yet? Too bad.

The CW 33 aired a piece last night about the saga involving The L Word star’s removal from a Southwest Airlines flight, and the station spoke to two prominent members of the local LGBT community: Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance President Patti Fink and attorney Peter Schulte.

Fink appears to be leaning toward Hailey’s corner, while Schulte is taking a measured legal approach. I wonder how he’d feel if Hailey and her girlfriend had just been trying to get a gay divorce?

Here’s an excerpt from The CW’s story, which you can watch below:

“I don’t think it could have been excessive. And if in fact it was excessive, I’d like to see straight people thrown off the plane for the same reason,” Fink said.

Southwest says it wasn’t the kissing. The airline claims the couple started cursing loudly after the flight attendant spoke to them and that’s when they were removed.

Attorney Peter Schulte says if this was the case, Southwest acted appropriately.

“There are rules and there are laws that allow the crew who is there for their safety, for the passenger’s safety to take action to try to limit any disruption”, Schulte said.

Hailey has called for a boycott of the airline, but Schulte says she has no legal recourse.

“If there was a race or gender issue those are protected classes, but in this day and age there isn’t any protection because of someone’s sexual orientation”, Schulte said.

Southwest has prided itself as gay friendly and has an outreach program to the gay community.

The gay community is hoping this can be resolved amicably.

“I would hope they would be able to talk it out and come to some sort of conclusion,” Fink said