By Beth Freed Staff Writer

Interim president, Patrick Sammon will lead national Republican group

Patrick Sammon

Patrick Sammon was recently appointed president of the Log Cabin Republicans and the Liberty Education Forum, an educational foundation associated with Log Cabin.

“I think Log Cabin’s mission is more important now than ever before and I can pledge to you that I will provide a strong voice to those in our party that believe the GOP can return to power by pursuing a unifying and inclusive conservative agenda that attracts voters from both the center and the right,” said Sammon in a press teleconference. Sammon has led both organizations on an interim basis since Sept. 1, said officials for the Log Cabin national board of directors. In that role, he fielded media calls regarding the Mark Foley sex scandal.

“Patrick did an amazing job during this very challenging time,” the board chair, Tim Schoeffler, said in a press release.

Previously, Sammon had served the Forum as an executive vice president, where he spearheaded the “Reaching the Heart-land Program.” He was also an award-winning television journalist for six years before that.

“I am very pleased that he is the one that we chose,” said Carla Halbrook, co-president of Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas. “He’s got good institutional knowledge with both LEF and LCR and he’s got a lot of good ideas, including working harder in the heartland of the country.”


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, December 22, 2006. siteотслеживание позиций сайтов