donald-trumpLog Cabin Republicans, the largest LGBT Republican organization, released the following statement on Donald Trump’s victory:

Washington, D. C. — Tonight, America chose change over the status quo, the future over the past, and conservative solutions over empty liberal promises — America chose Donald J. Trump. Log Cabin Republicans extends our hearty congratulations to the President-Elect of the United States!

While we’ve had occasional differences with Mr. Trump throughout his unique campaign for our nation’s highest office, Log Cabin Republicans never hesitated to offer praise when it was due. Mr. Trump’s unprecedented and repeated overtures to “the LGBTQ community” were invariably lauded by our organization, and we look forward to seeing those words turn to action in a Trump administration. We likewise stand firm in our unwavering commitment to working with our country’s president-elect to ensure the historic advances in LGBT freedom we have fought for and secured will continue.