Thomas Purdy

Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas President Thomas Purdy has been elected secretary of  National Log Cabin Republicans.

That’s a fast rebound for the Dallas chapter that was decommissioned by the national organization in the fall of 2011 after a disagreement between its then-president and the national group.

A year ago, a newly invigorated club emerged with Thomas Purdy chosen as president. Purdy joined the national board last spring and has now been elected secretary.

At a national board meeting held earlier this month in Las Vegas, Purdy said, board chairman Jerry Katlin encouraged him to run for the position that became vacant at the end of 2012.

Meetings are held quarterly in cities around the country, “so we have opportunities to interact with our chapters across the country,” Purdy said.

He said as a Log Cabin member, he wants to serve as an advocate for freedom and equality of LGBT Americans within the Republican Party.

His goal, and that of Log Cabin,  is “to truly and uniformly apply the conservative principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility for all — repeat, ALL — Americans,” Purdy said.