R. Clarke Cooper

Shockingly, the GOP presidential candidates weren’t specifically asked about LGBT issues during Wednesday night’s two-hour debate in Simi Valley, Calif. Which prompted Log Cabin Republicans, the gay GOP group, to issue a press release this afternoon lauding the candidates for their “focus on jobs.”

“Americans tired of President Obama’s failed leadership tuned in to the GOP debate looking for an alternative to the gimmicks and empty rhetoric they will hear in tonight’s speech before Congress,” Log Cabin Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper said in the press release. “They were not disappointed. While the candidates onstage represent a broad cross-section of the Republican family, all were united in the belief that our government is spending beyond its means and making too many promises it can’t keep. Despite our differences, Republicans today are united in our mission to send Barack Obama back to Chicago and get our country back on the right track.

“Several of the candidates acquitted themselves well in the debate, such as Governor Huntsman’s declaration of independence from documents like the National Organization for Marriage’s anti-federalist marriage pledge,” Cooper said. “Log Cabin Republicans urge all candidates to be relentless in their focus on the Obama’s greatest weaknesses — jobs and the economy. Divisive special interest pledges like NOM’s only distract from that message and turn off the voters we need to be including to win the White House.”