BSAI received a strange email this week, and I’m not sure why.

It was written by one Sebastian Wolfgang, apparently in response to a piece in the Dallas Morning News (paywall) by Tom Melsheimer saying that the Boy Scouts of America had “failed their leadership challenge” in opposing gay leaders in the Scouts.

Sebastian Wolfgang took issue with this approach, and sent an email to Melsheimer in which he laid out in clear arguments how destructive gay people are. Just why the author chose to cc me on this email, I’m not sure, but the thing is, he seems more happy with making up facts than reporting them. The amount of misinformation (“sodomy has been against the law for over 200 years in our country” — he never heard of Lawrence v. Texas, apparently) and outright dangerous libels (“Almost 100% of AIDS come from homosexuals”). It just goes to show how far we still have to go in order to overcome the homophobia that continues.

After the break, then, is the email:

When I first read your article in the Dallas Morning Good News I thought do you guys want to be liked or do you want to be right?  You said that larger forces at play here and I would say Amen. . . and according to my Pastor it is a called sin that has huge consequences, you aren’t going to make heaven traveling this trail according to 1 Cor. 6:9.  My pastor called it simply a sin or immorality and another stain on our Judeo Christian heritage.

So when only 1.7% of our population is homosexual, lesbian, etc. why are you suggesting we adopt this immorality in our culture and especially introduce this to young boys.  Homosexuals are the mouse that roared, because their numbers are so few.  We don’t see a changing of opinion like your article suggests in my age group.  Our moral convictions and principals are not evolving like this community organizer in the White House.  Character and integrity still matter in our humble opinion and are still the standard in our lives and the lives of our families and children.

Rob Portman represents the good people of Ohio, not his son with his misguided perversion.  Besides if his son declared he was a thief, would ole Ron try to legalize stealing?  None of that holds any water for us, that is just one son’s poor choice and his father’s very poor choice.  Portman is a typical politician and a man who lacks character and integrity.  Our lives are a sum total of all the choices we make, good and bad, we always hope that wisdom will win out the day, but is sorely lacking in this argument.

I was a scout and an Order of the Arrow, our son was an Eagle Scout, but we have forbidden our 12 year old grandson to camp out and sleep in a tent with a 17 year old homosexual scout or to even be involved in scouting.  This whole scouting policy is a double standard.  Why would anybody in their right mind do something so foolish and especially to someone so young and vulnerable and someone they love and care about.  We don’t enjoy being around people who are confused and that don’t have a handle on life.  We enjoy the diversity of our culture, but not perversion.  People need to take a stand for righteousness!

When I finished the article, I wondered if you gentleman where Christians and then wondered what your Pastor would say about this.  I don’t know of one pastor in a Christian church in Dallas that is in favor of homosexuality.  It has not been that long ago that it was considered a mental illness.  And sodomy has been against the law for over 200 years in our country.  Marriage has been between one man and one woman since the beginning of time.  The CDC will not let a homosexuals donate blood, because it is too dangerous for the nation’s blood supply.  Almost 100% of AIDS come from homosexuals.  I don’t mean to be so graphic, but one man sticking his dick in another man’s butt is not a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitutional.  We don’t believe for a minute that the founding father thought so either.

My father use to say that if you needed an attorney you have lost sight of what is right and wrong in life.  We are not sure what kind of lawyers you are, but question your judgment and see a real lack of wisdom coming from you and your friend.  We are very tired of the judicial tyranny taking place in our country and we just don’t have much respect for your type or your opinion, but certainly wish we had a platform like the Dallas Morning News to spout our folly.