In addition to the shows at Out of the Loop I mentioned earlier this week, there are two productions I want to single out.

First is Strange Dreamz, Kevin Thornton’s one-man quasi-standup that includes songs (Katy Perry! Gaga!), short comic stories, a few jokes and some interplay with the audience. Thornton is funny and very out there, so not all the jokes seem to hit on a mixed audience, but like Johnny Carson, even when he’s not getting anything back, he puts it up for all to see. Your last chance to see him is Saturday at 2 p.m.

Next is Dark Play, pictured, a fast-moving, modern-day cautionary tale about Internet mischief. In it, a 14-year-old (the once-again remarkable Adam Gerst) cyber-punks an innocent 16-year-old by pretending to be his ideal woman. Only it all takes a strange turn from there. The play itself is on the brink of being outdated (no one has a tablet?) and the last 10 minutes implode, but the 90 until then are furiously intriguing. You can see that on Saturday, too — don’t miss it.