When I was doing this profile on Byron Laszlo, AKA Lord Byron, he and I chatted about options for getting more people into the Panoptikon experience. Panop is Laszlo’s weekly dance party in the old Club One spot. Every Friday night he and his team of DJs bring on the eclectic tunes that offer a nightlife alternative to your usual dance club hits.

“Some people may look at us and call us Gothic, and while I’ll play that sometimes, the music is universal from Robyn to German electronica to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs,” he told me for the article.

And now he’s opening that up to you. Every year he does a compilation CD and has been offering downloadable versions of those for free. From PanoptikonDallas.com:

New to PANOPTIKON? Happen to read about us in the Dallas Voice? Connect with us now. Send an email to Music@PANOPTIKONdallas.com & we’ll send you links to PANOPTIKON’s mixed CD’s to download. Join us every Friday for the best alternative dance experience.

Enjoy the Music.
– Byron

Then hit up the weekly event tonight. Every first Friday, Laszlo himself takes over the turntable so you will be getting the truest Panop experience.