A few months ago, I blogged about what a hypocrite and bigot Gene Simmons of KISS was by saying Adam Lambert — while admittedly the “most talented” singer ever on American Idol — had ruined his career by coming out because middle America wouldn’t embrace someone so outside the mainstream as a — gasp! — gay artist. (That poor struggling singer Elton John… he’ll make it one day!) This all coming from a man known for his outrageous makeup, spitting blood and living out of wedlock with a woman best known for getting naked.

Now comes this loving tribute from hip-hop producer Warren G in an interview with Vanity Fair. He must say he loves gay people a dozen times… he just wants us herded into concentration camps (well, concentation closets) and kept invisible, lest gay children see real role models, or straight children be exposed to something other than heterosex. You can read the rant here, past the photo by a few questions.как разместить рекламучто влияет на сео